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The Kremkau Divide

The Divide is a local family owned business that was inspired by oldest sibling, Amber, who was hurt in a tragic accident in 2007 leaving her disabled. The driving goal was to create an opportunity for her to have community. Amber works in the Ice Cream shop - don't hesitate to say hello! 

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Our Story

The main building was constructed in the early 1950s by Mr. Armstrong after returning from WWII where he was captured (POW) while fighting in the Pacific War. We drew inspiration from the serenity of the tranquil Hill Country setting while trying our best to respect the environment - creating an outdoor oasis nestled between Helotes, Grey Forest and Leon Springs. The Divide's namesake Kremkau Divide (named after the Krempkau family who settled the area), is a geographic ridge that runs through the property.

The interior was a 'labour of love'. After spending years collecting materials to repurpose, wall after wall and many ceilings turned into a reality. The uniqueness and years spent piecing together our 'Field of Dreams' finally became a reality when we opened our doors to the public on October 17, 2020.

Please stop by for some Texas hospitality and ya'll come back now ya hear!


What People Say


The whole family loves this place. Incredibly friendly owners and staff. Goats and Chickens roaming the property provide for hours of entertainments. Good Variety of food with creative menus and tasty food. Affordable reservations for parties. Something new every time we go.


Biggest Hidden Gem in San Antonio


This place is awesome! It might be a little out of the way from San Antonio, but COMPLETELY worth the trip.

They have great food trucks, live music, nice bar and the staff is super friendly. 

The atmosphere is super chill and the outdoor space is huge. There's plenty of spaces to hang out in a group or you can find a little spot that's more intimate.

Definitely recommend and I can't wait to get back out there!

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