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The Kremkau Divide

The Divide is a local family owned business that was inspired by oldest sibling, Amber, who was hurt in a tragic accident in 2007 leaving her disabled. Our driving goal is to create an opportunity for her to have community. Amber works in the Ice Cream shop - don't hesitate to say hello! 

Our Story

Welcome to The Divide, where the essence of history meets the spirit of community. Our main building, a testament to resilience and determination, has stood tall since the early 1950s. Constructed by Mr. Armstrong, a WWII veteran who faced the hardships of being a POW in the Pacific War, the foundation of The Divide is rooted in strength and triumph.

Inspired by the serene beauty of the Hill Country, our venue serves as an outdoor oasis nestled harmoniously between Helotes, Grey Forest, and Leon Springs. The Divide takes its name from the Kremkau Divide, a geographic ridge that winds through our property, paying homage to the Krempkau family who settled this picturesque area.

The interior of The Divide is a true 'labor of love.' Years of collecting and repurposing materials culminated in the transformation of walls and ceilings, birthing a unique space that is our very own 'Field of Dreams.' This dream turned reality as we opened our doors to the public on October 17, 2020, marking the culmination of countless hours of dedication and passion.


We invite you to experience the warmth of Texas hospitality at The Divide. Come by, savor the atmosphere, and indulge in our offerings. As we say in Texas, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

What People Say


Great food truck selection, well stocked bar, spacious entertaining area and great space for social distancing. They even have live music. Awesome new spot!


My new favorite place to go! I don't know who enjoyed themselves more: me, my kids or my dog! So many areas to explore, relax, play and enjoy.


Great atmosphere and fun crowd! I loved the trucks that I've tried. The friendly staff brings everything together!

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